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Medical Weight loss

Personalized weight loss programs that are specifically made for you that truly last.

The Elevate Miami weight loss program is a medically supervised and clinically proven method that helps our patients maintain and achieve a healthy weight. Our experienced medical providers will focus on preventive medicine to achieve your desired goal in a healthy way. After your consultation and labs, our medical staff generates an individualized and comprehensive plan for each patient.

Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL
Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL

Lose up to 20 pounds
in the first month *

Medically Supervised weight loss

Clinically Proven to work

Individualized programs made for you

Individualized programs made for you

Exclusive Supplements and Injections to aid in healthy weight loss

Did you know that being affected by overweight and obesity can impact your health? Losing weight can reduce your risk of developing many health conditions. Find out if you’re at risk.

Weight loss INJECTIONS

L- carnitine

Your work ut buddy
Burns fat and provides more energy during and after workouts


A Powerful antioxidant
Reduce oxidative stress and cell damage in liver. Brightens skin pigment and is a key component in continuous regeneration of heathy skin.


Weight loss aid
Promotes fast weight loss, reduce stubborn, fat 2x more effective than any current medication in the market, decreases appetite, and decreases cravings.

We Are Specializing in Anti-aging, Wellness, & Weight Loss.

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