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Velashape III is the first and only FDA-cleared technology approved to reduce and remove cellulite. VelaShape is a non-invasive treatment that is used to contour your body by using infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency energies that gently heat fat cells and surrounding tissue.

It has been proven to reduce up to 3 circumferential inches in treated areas*

How it works?
Velashape works by using a combination of radio frequency, massage, and suction techniques which effectively breakdown cellulite and fat.


Areas treated with Velashape include:

  • ZUpper arms
  • ZBack roll
  • ZButtocks
  • ZThighs (front and back)
  • ZAbdomen
  • ZThighs
  • ZNeck
  • ZBra bulge
  • ZUpper arms

Vela Shape 3

Elevate Miami offers the best body sculpting treatments for women and women. We offer the best VelaShape 3 in Miami at the lowest cost. VelaShape III is the latest technology for treating cellulite on the thighs, arms, and other common problem areas.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the VelaShape procedure for adults who want to achieve a better body image. The contouring treatment utilizes radio frequencies, infrared lights, and vacuum massage to promote collagen production. Non-surgical body sculpting procedures have shorter recovery times than other treatment options.

The body shaping process helps areas appear toned and lean. The bi-polar radio frequencies combine with the infrared lights and vacuum massage components to heat fat cells located deep within the tissue.

The tissue surrounding the fat cells and the dermal collagen is stimulated to enhance the achieved results’ quality. The vacuum and heat work together to regenerate new collagen and elastin to improve the skin’s general appearance.

Vela Shape 3 Miami
Vela Shape 3 Miami

Most Affordable Facility Offering VelaShape Near Me

Elevate Miami is now accepting clients interested in VelaShape 3 treatment in Miami. The texture and structure of the skin are rejuvenated by stimulating the dermal collagen. Skin appears more youthful, elastic, and full of volume after just one treatment at our facility. The infrared lights move along the decomposition of old collagen, and the radio frequencies increase circulation and lymphatic drainage levels.

Fibroblast remodeling and activity is stimulated by the VelaShape treatment process, which boosts metabolism on a cellular level. The connective tissue under the predetermined treatment area will enhance its quality to provide more external skin structure. The body will have less fat cells under the skin with more collagen for fuller skin. Droopy skin or cellulite appearances are eliminated by the body toning and sculpting service we offer at Elevate Miami.

Customized Treatment Options for Each Patient

When you turn to us at Elevate Miami, you can expect a customized treatment plan personalized to your needs. The chosen treatment areas are determined before the process begins, but it is possible to treat more than one place during a session.

All details of the procedure are open for discussion with our team of medical professionals. In addition to reducing cellulite, VelaShape III treatments can also remove inches of fat from the body.

The buttocks, arms, and thighs are the most common treatment area on women. However, there are other treatment areas like the flanks and abdominal mid-section. Improve the laxity and fullness of the biceps without facing any surgeries or needles. Results require maintenance to prevent cellulite from returning to the treated sections. A minimum of one maintenance treatment is needed every six months.

Vela Shape 3 Miami
Vela Shape 3 Miami

VelaShape Before and After Results That Last for Months at a Time

At Elevate Miami, you can achieve results that last for up to six months. Imagine saying goodbye to cellulite and unwanted fat for nearly half a year. Contact us at Elevate Miami by dialing 305-359-5569 to get started. Our staff can review your options and answer any lingering questions you have about VelaShape 3 treatment in Miami.

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