Testosterone Therapy (TRT)

Most people assume that erectile dysfunction is due to low testosterone. ED is more likely because of reduced sexual desire than actual sexual biological stamina. Many doctors will only prescribe testosterone therapy when the patient has other accompanying symptoms. Low testosterone is, however, a cause for poor performance in sports. Medical experts will regularly advocate for the therapy to increase performance and muscle mass. The practice of using testosterone improves recovery time while maximizing performance. It increases muscle mass faster than many alternative methods to stimulate strength and endurance. Consider the disclaimer that you should only get testosterone for sports by a firm that understands the legalities of increasing performance with testosterone replacement therapy for men.

Types of testosterone therapy

There are various testosterone hormone therapy products in today’s market. They are available as injectable solutions, pills, patches, pellets, gels, and other implants. The patient will undergo therapy that matches their symptom.

Testosterone capsules are standard for teenagers with delayed puberty or women battling breast cancer. The pills are vital in supporting muscle growth in boys with severe hormonal imbalances. Methyltestosterone is a popular human-made compound for testosterone capsules.

The first testosterone injection was in 1979. It is a liquid that aims to enter the deepest levels of the gluteal muscle. The manufacturers mix a cream or powder testosterone to make an injectable solution. The most common strengths for the drug are 200mg and 100mg.

Gel (Testim or Androgel)
The testosterone gel is a prescription medication that enters the body through the skin. It has quick transfer into the system and between skin bodies. One can avoid body to body transfer by applying it on clean and dry skin that is less likely to have contact. Wash your hands immediately after touching the gel, with soap and water.

Patches of hormone replacement for men work best when applied at different body parts consistently every night. These patches are wearable at all times and comfortable to replace. One should change the patch every twenty-four hours. Wait at least seven days before using one of the spots for another patch.

Testosterone boosters are excellent for increasing strength, libido, and muscle mass in men. Unlike boosters of earlier decades, Elevate Miami ensures we use ingredients that prevent common side effects such as breast enlargement and aggressiveness. Primary components for testosterone hormone replacement therapy include:

  • Bioidentical therapy – These chemical productions that are a natural match to the body
  • Synthetic hormone – Synthetic hormones are chemical makeups that do not match those of the body, but still perform the intended function of restoring balance.

Testosterone replacement helps treat unnaturally low testosterone levels. The benefits of testosterone hormone replacement therapy far outweigh anything you may try at home or with holistic treatment methods.

Is testosterone therapy safe?

Speak with our doctor to find the safest testosterone administration formula for our body type. We will monitor your body and mind’s reaction to the drug, to maintain or switch the treatment. We are available on 305-359-5569 for more information on all types of hormone therapy.

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