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Elevate Miami is undoubtedly the leading weight loss center in Miami FL. You must know why we are the best option for you to achieve your desired weight.

The Best Weight Loss Center in Miami

If you have considered losing weight, you have indeed found various diets that promise to lose weight in a short time and without effort. However, in most cases, the results are not as expected. In any case, you may manage to lose some pounds, but then you regain them. The wise thing to do is to avoid the “magic formulas” and place yourself in the care of one of the top medical weight loss clinics.

In the area, you’re sure to find several health centers that offer weight management plans. However, among the options, Elevate Miami is undoubtedly the leading weight loss center in Miami FL. You must know why we are the best option for you to achieve your desired weight.

Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL

Steps of scheduling the best treatment

Lab work

Consult with our Medical Provider

Assignment of personalized weight loss protocol

Semaglutide is proven to lower body weight!

Semaglutide the new weight loss drug seen on Dr. OZ and The New York Times!

How it works?

  • Reduces appetite and hunger
  • Increases satiety
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Alters food preferences
  • Promotes fast weight loss
  • Reduce Stubborn Fat
  • 2x more effective than any current medication in the market
  • Decreases appetite
  • Reduces cravings
  • FDA approved for weight loss
  • Ozempic and Wegovy are the two brand names that Novo Nordisk uses to market injectable semaglutide.
  • Wegovy (semaglutide) is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist. GLP-1 is a natural hormone in your body that acts on your brain to regulate your appetite and food intake.

Before/After results

Medical Weight loss

Personalized weight loss programs that are specifically made for you that truly last.

The Elevate Miami weight loss program is a medically supervised and clinically proven method that helps our patients maintain and achieve a healthy weight. Our experienced medical providers will focus on preventive medicine to achieve your desired goal in a healthy way. After your consultation and labs, our medical staff generates an individualized and comprehensive plan for each patient.

Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL
Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL

Lose up to 20 pounds
in the first month *

Medically Supervised weight loss

Clinically Proven to work

Individualized programs made for you

Individualized programs made for you

Exclusive Supplements and Injections to aid in healthy weight loss


Did you know when you take vitamins by mouth, it has to pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream? That means you’ll lose a significant amount of nutrients. With our vitamin injections, you get 100% nutrient potency and it’s absorbed faster than any pill.


Enhanced fat burning
Reduce stored fat, increase metabolism & energy.
enhanced your mood & effectivley removed fat from the liver.


Enhanced fat burning
Helps turn carbohydrates into energy. Used in conjuction ehit B-12 to enhanced fat burning.


Keeps your body’s blood & nerve cells healthy
Promotes immune function, calcium absorption, and protects bone, muscle and heart health.


Also know as B7
Helps keep your skin, hair , nails, eyes, liver and nervous system healthy.

amino acid blend

Enhanced recovery
Helps reduce the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles.


Also know as cholecalciferol
Promotes immune function, calcium absorption, and protects bone, muscle and heart health.

In-Body Analysis

InBody’s medical-grade body composition analyzers use four pillars of technology to provide accurate, precise direct segmental measurement multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-MFBIA) extensively validated to gold-standard methods.
Includes measurements of muscle mass, body fat, and total body water.

NAD + 

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)
Mental Enhancement
The active form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD+ is essential to many body functions, but NAD+ diminishes as we grow older. Get a boost of this important coenzyme to help fight aging, illness, and cognitive decline.

Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL

Lipotropic MIC

MIC stands for methionine, inositol, and choline, three fat-burning amino acids that are naturally found in the body. These chemicals help to prevent the buildup of cholesterol throughout the body, improve the metabolizing of fat, and facilitate the removal of wastes and toxins from the liver.


  • Fat burning
  • Helps the body break down excess fat
  • Positive changes in diet and food intake
Best Weight Loss Center in Miami FL

We Are Specializing in Anti-aging, Wellness, & Weight Loss.

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Charlene Adrian
Charlene Adrian
I am on my 2nd month, 2nd round of PRP treatment with Elevate & I have to say the staff is above and beyond. They truly make you feel at home and not just another client. If you want quality I highly suggest this place the fact I drive all the way from Hialeah should tell you - especially with the way gas is right now 🙈
Amalia Garcia
Amalia Garcia
El services and experience exelente todo el staff, igualmente los results Iv ,me siento con mas energia, estoy feliz
Teralyn Ubico
Teralyn Ubico
Amazing staff and service
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia
Cizar is talented and so good at what he does. An artist. The staff is so friendly and helpful.
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez
The girls at Elevate are very knowledgeable and professional. This is my go to clinic for personal wellness. I highly recommended it!!!
stephanny Perez
stephanny Perez
My appointment today with Dr. Ceiser was amazing! I did a PRP treatment and was a little scared in the beginning for any pain. I can assure you that this treatment is completely pain free, can’t wait to see my results!