Teen Rehab Center

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Teen Rehab Center

If your teen shows withdrawal symptoms or any signs of substance addiction, bringing them to our teen rehab center is essential for their well-being. At Clearfork Academy, we have designed the most effective recovery protocol using a multidisciplinary approach and a holistic philosophy. Several aspects make us unique in the rehab industry. These include:

Comprehensive clinical detox services

The detox process is essential for any program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers. Most rehab centers use one-size-fits-all detox programs, treating all patients the same. This approach will fail long-term because people have different needs and react differently to the same medication plan. To solve that problem, we have adopted a different protocol for rehab for teens in Fort Worth.

Our rehab treatment begins with in-depth physical, mental, medical, and spiritual assessment. Our goal is to find out as much as we can about your medical history and substance abuse specifics (what substance you’re using, for how long, how severe is the withdrawal, etc.). With this information in our possession, we then create a personalized detox treatment that addresses the causes of addiction via medication and therapy. The overarching goal is to:

  • Cleanse your body of any addiction-related toxins
  • Flush the drug or alcohol residues from your system
  • Rebalance the brain’s functioning and that of opioid receptors
  • Allow you to control your cravings, emotional output, and behavior, etc.

Structured recovery protocol

The recovery process is often complex and may last for months or even years, depending on the severity of the condition. Taking this into account, we have perfected a comprehensive recovery treatment for long-term benefits. The Fort Worth adolescents rehabilitation programs that we’re using are:

  • Residential program – It provides intensive care and promotes faith, healing, and abstinence. Teenagers will recover in a controlled, safe, and comfortable environment, under our team’s permanent supervision and assistance.
  • Sober Living Program – The Sober Living Program is a lower level of care for individuals who have already completed the residential treatment. It promotes self-sufficiency, confidence and helps teens grow more responsible and independent.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP follows the Sober Living Program and focuses on less intense recovery sessions three days per week, three hours per day. The treatment consists of therapy, counseling, and relapse management to ensure healthy and sober living.
  • Alumni Program – This is part of an aftercare program offering guidance and counseling post-treatment. You will only come to our facility on Saturdays to share your recovery experience with other recovering addicts and help each other morally and spiritually.

Our Fort Worth teens and adolescents residential treatment is ideal for fast recovery and long-lasting benefits. At our center, we promote addiction treatment for teens to support our patients’ recovery journeys over the years.

Contact Clearfork Academy at 866-650-5212 and ask for details about our teen rehab center and programs. We can help your teen rehabilitate and grow into a more responsible and committed individual over the years. Make the smart decision, contact our counselor, and let’s begin the treatment today!

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