Substance Abuse Treatment Costa Mesa

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At Clear Life Recovery, we are a team of compassionate clinical staff and wellness therapists. We who work in conjunction with our patients to help them regain control over their mind and body. Our mission is to offer affordable substance abuse treatment in Costa Mesa to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at recovery.

Trigger management to overcome addiction

Triggers are those people, scents, places, situations, and objects that remind you of traumatizing and painful memories to the extent that you feel the need to use drugs. An essential part of addiction treatment is to teach recovering addicts’ healthy ways to overcome triggers. 

Self-awareness if the first step in managing triggers, make sure to keep a list of things and situations that triggers you. By knowing what triggers you, you can be more prepared to deal with them as and when you face a triggering situation. We encourage our patients to try the following coping mechanisms to deal with triggers:

  • Exercise
  • Therapy or counseling
  • Meditation 
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Joining a support group
  • Using creative distractions, etc. 

At our substance abuse treatment in Costa Mesa, we advise our patients to not use anger, violence, or self-harm as a coping mechanism to deal with triggers. Instead of bottling up negative emotions, we encourage our recovering addicts to speak to one of our therapists via phone, email, or in-person as and when they feel tempted.

How do I go to bars without drinking?

In the initial few days out of a rehab facility, we recommend that you completely avoid visiting bars as you are most vulnerable to triggers in the first couple of weeks. But over time, as you have more control over your mind, body and actions start slow by attending birthday parties and weddings that serve alcohol. But make sure to surround yourself with sober people and friends to keep temptation at bay. 

Once you are comfortable with parties and events that serve alcohol, you can visit bars with friends that hold your best interest in mind. However, make sure to order a non-alcoholic beverage to keep you distracted and your senses occupied. Should you feel tempted or uncomfortable at any point around alcohol, leave the place immediately.

How can rehab help me?

The process of rewiring your brain to what it was before your addiction requires treatment to correct your psychological and behavioral issues. It is not possible to overcome addiction without resolving the root cause that triggered the use of drugs in the first place. 

It is almost impossible to quit drugs or alcohol on one’s efforts because the withdrawal symptoms can have adverse health effects. When you seek help from a rehab center, you have access to medical detox. Detox helps to eliminate your physical dependency issues safely in the supervision of a skilled clinical team. Furthermore, at Clear Life Recovery, we aim to change the way you think, behave, and feel to help you lead a fulfilling and contented life after rehab. Undergoing our substance abuse treatment in Costa Mesa will equip you with important defense mechanisms to overcome triggers. Call us for details.

Substance Abuse Treatment Costa Mesa

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