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Finding a drug-free environment to help one reclaim their worth and identity is the key to rescuing one from a downward spiral of addiction and mental weakness. It is best to stop playing the victim by finding active ways of charting a new life. One of the safest havens for recovery is sober living in Austin, TX. These homes support the transformative stage of life and are the best bridge between recovery and a new life.

Who needs a sober living home?

Recent recoverees

We cannot undermine the effect of the people, places, and things that we spend around. Many times, people in early recovery are vulnerable to these influences and will benefit from a moment of solitude support. These people face the most significant relapse threats and need a community with similar goals and experiences to give them a fresh perspective of life. The most common benefits of sober homes in Austin include the following:

  • A perfect hub for a new independent and productive thought process
  • Cost-effective
  • Supportive staff

Transitional residents

The sober living home at Hickory Wind Ranch has people from many different walks of life. Our facility accommodates many other people, regardless of their gender, race, age, or societal status. You will find that some of our candidates prefer the home because they need a space to help them transition to a different living setup. Residents from a structured inpatient facility will find great benefit in the home’s freedom, so they can decide how they want to create a new unstructured life with a high sense of responsibility.

Criminal background

The criminal justice system will recommend Austin TX sober living for criminals who are in the process of drug or abuse recovery. This phase can happen before they transition into the prison system or during their term.


The worst combination of drug addiction is homelessness. These Texas sober living communities allow the patient to have a calmer healing process to find shelter to create a new life.


The most significant prerequisite of transitional living in Austin, TX, is the open invitation. It is not hard for most people to extend their stay to complete their mental and emotional wellness.

Who does not need a sober living home?

The most popular choice after rehab is to return home to a familiar environment. It is a more attractive option because people anticipate having a better life within the same circle of friends and family. The most significant motivating factor of returning home is to reunite with a spouse or family. While some people should avoid the former environment, others greatly benefit from returning home because it is a safer haven for their particular life. The common traits of people who do not need Texas sober homes include the following:

  • Supportive family and friends
  • Pets with a helpful bond
  • A supportive financial situation to help the recovery process.
  • A strong repulsion to living with strangers

In most cases, it is better to forfeit returning home if you do not want to jeopardize the recovery. Our sober homes in Austin have a homely and inviting setup. Call our specialist on 512 598 5165 to learn how we can support your dream for a better life.


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