Sarasota Lasik

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Sarasota Lasik

If you’re a Sarasota resident thinking about having Lasik vision corrective surgery, consider the fact that one of the country’s most renown eye institutions is located right in your backyard! Sarasota is fortune enough to have access to the Coastal Eye Institute where Lasik eye surgery is performed week after week.

While Lasik is elective surgery, it is not cosmetic. Coastal Eye in Sarasota performs life-changing Lasik surgery that can quickly transform a patient who is barely able to see their way around the house to a person who is able to drive down the Florida roads without glasses! 

Lasik is performed many thousands of times a day around the world, making it an extremely popular procedure. Science has shown in the decades of research since Lasik has come out, that the vast majority of patients are well satisfied with the results of their Lasik procedure. Lasik has dramatically changed the lives of millions of people round the world.

As well, continuous improvements in technology has made Lasik ever more safe and effective. Some of the more obvious benefits to Sarasota Lasik surgery include:

– Immediate results. After lasik surgery, it’s possible for patients to immediately discontinue wearing their glasses or contact lenses. This is one of the most practical and incredible results of Lasik. This is a 20 minute procedure that results in drastic improvement of vision for the patient.

– A new sense of freedom from eye-correction. After Lasik, patients are not tied to their eye-glasses or contact lenses anymore. Clear vision is restored, or is achieved for the first time for some patients. There is also the elimination of expense from buying glasses and contact lenses.

– New opportunities for career and activities. There are certain careers that cannot be undertaken by individuals with less than proper vision and many activities that cannot be enjoyed to their fullest extent by those who wear glasses or contact lenses. 

– Improvement of peripheral vision. Not only is straight-ahead vision improved, patients also mention that their peripheral vision is enhanced. Once glasses re removed, peripheral vision clears up.

– Discomfort during Sarasota Lasik is minimal. Patients report very little pain, and enjoy quick recovery from the procedure.

– Lasik is a proven method of correcting the vision.

If you are thinking about corrective surgery, contact Coastal Eye Institute in Sarasota to find out about Lasik. You can schedule an appointment over the Internet by visiting, where you can learn more about Lasik and what it can do for you. From there, you can read through testimonials from actual Sarasota Lasik patients who want to share their experiences regarding Lasik surgery.

From the website, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions from people just like you who are considering Lasik. You’ll find the answers to be extremely helpful and encouraging. You’re also welcome to call Coastal Eye Institute at 941-748-1818 if you have questions about Lasik.

Make an appointment that will change your life forever. Call Coastal Eye Institute today.

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