Reusable Pads

Article provided by: Moody V

Reusable Pads

“Uhh… hm. Reusable pads huh? Interesting. Weird, but interesting” – You probably

Here’s the thing, friend. Reusable pads are so frickin good. Trust me on this. No, no, no, wait. Listen. They rule. Are you gonna hear me out? Ok good.

First of all, think about what period blood looks like all over a disposable pad. If you look up “the worst thing ever” in the dictionary, that’s what’s in the picture next to it. Now imagine period blood on a solid black, cotton pad. Or a pad patterned with planets and stars. Or a rainbow 6-pack of pads that you can wear in rainbow order. It’s just better.

Now think about all the disposables that end up in landfills. And not just pads themselves, but their packaging, the production waste, or alternatives like tampons and single-use cups. Cloth pads can be washed and reused for years, dude. YEARS! That means it’s much more gentle on the earth and saves you a whole lotta money in the long run.

Also, what’s better than ALWAYS having pads at your house, and never having to go on a menstrual-products-run to the store with toilet paper in your underwear cause you ran out?

I know what you’re thinking: “But how the heck do you clean them?” Was I right? Well I’ll tell you! You can rinse or soak them with cold water if you wanna avoid stains, then machine wash cold. To dry, air dry flat. (psst, some people like me dry them in the dryer, cause we don’t care if they get scrunched up a lil).

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