rehabs in Boston

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rehabs in Boston

If you need to find the best rehabs in Boston, you need Better Addiction Care services. We are a third-party information service and helpline specializing in pairing people with the ideal rehabilitation facilities that meet their needs and recovery goals. If you’re unaware of the rehab centers in your area, here are the names that stand out:

  1. Northeast Addictions Treatment Center – A rehab provider ensuring optimal medical and psychiatric assistance for heroin, alcohol, cocaine, Xanax, Vicodin, and numerous other drugs. They function on an outpatient basis, providing access to PHP, IOP, MAT, aftercare service, and telehealth treatment.
  2. Bedrock Recovery Center – Bedrock Recovery Center is one of the top rehab centers in Boston, MA, providing comprehensive mental health services. They treat addiction via therapy, medication, counseling, and holistic healing modalities
  3. Blue Hills Recovery – This rehab provider accepts most insurance plans and takes in patients dealing with all forms of substance addiction. It is the optimal choice for individuals in need of comprehensive treatment, paired with social reintegration service and relapse prevention assistance.
  4. Column Health – An outpatient institution ranking among the leading addiction treatment centers near me. Their services include mental health assistance and substance abuse support on an outpatient basis. Their services are ideal for patients who have completed the inpatient program and now seek follow-up care.
  5. Codman Square Health Center – Codman Center is a high-profile facility providing access to an impressive variety of health-related programs. These include nutrition, behavioral health, mental health, urgent care, pharmacotherapy, etc. They are a reliable service provider for both addiction victims and recovering patients, seeking continuous care and support.

How to find the best Boston rehab centers?

Finding the most reliable facilities from the sea of available options boils down to several fundamental aspects:

  • Experience in handling issues similar to yours – Your center of choice should have a history of successes in handling issues similar to those you’re facing.
  • The program palette – The more versatile and adaptable the facility is, the better. Look for one offering numerous recovery programs, including holistic healing modalities.
  • The staff qualifications and attitude – The staff team should consist of qualified professionals capable of empathy, understanding, and a non-judgmental attitude.
  • The treatment’s success rates – The more successful the treatment, the more likely it is to work in your case.

There are other aspects that matter just as much, including the center’s amenities and living conditions. You want to make sure you enjoy your stay at the rehab so that you will have an unforgettable recovery experience.

We realize that assessing all these factors when swiping through your rehab options can be a daunting task, which is where we come in. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to pair you with the ideal rehabs in Boston as fast as possible.

If you require immediate Boston addiction and mental health treatment, discuss with our helpline experts today. You can contact Better Addiction Care at 800-429-7690 to verify your insurance and discuss your treatment plans and goals.

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