Outpatient Drug Rehab Arlington TX

Article provided by: Ascendus Behavioral Health

Outpatient Drug Rehab Arlington TX

Ascendus Behavioral Health relies on outpatient drug rehab in Arlington, TX, to provide patients with reliable recovery services for long-term sobriety and stability. Unlike many other rehab facilities, we understand that overcoming addiction is a long-term endeavor that often lasts for a lifetime.

How to know if you need outpatient rehab

We almost always recommend patients consider detox and residential treatment before arriving at our outpatient rehab facility. But that’s not always the case. The residential treatment is more expensive and relies on intensive care, ideal for dealing with severe addiction disorders. If you’re only dealing with mild withdrawal, you may not require that type of treatment.

Our outpatient program is perfect for coping with mild-to-moderate drug addiction, allowing people to recover at home. It is the ideal choice for individuals who are stable enough to care for themselves, have a supporting family, and have professional and educational tasks to fulfill regularly. If you wish to know for certain which rehab program to go for, contact our rehab specialists today for in-depth clinical assessment and diagnosis.

How an outpatient program works

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) relies on over nine hours of evening treatment per week, including group and individual therapy and counseling. IOP helps patients rediscover their strength and commitment to sobriety, as they rely on community reinforcement, medication management, and professional guidance along the way.

At our center, you will engage in group therapy, promoting peer support and social bonding. Our outpatient drug rehab in Arlington, TX, helps people interact and provide mutual support and moral and spiritual strength. Individual sessions involve one-on-one discussions with our counselor, during which you can express your thoughts and emotions and discuss your prospects for a healthy and sober life.

When to join outpatient rehab?

We advise considering outpatient treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of withdrawal. You need to remember that addiction is a chronic and progressive disorder with drastic long-term consequences. Remaining stuck in denial won’t make it go away, but it will make things worse over time. Think about your long-term wellbeing and your family and loved ones because your situation affects them just as much.

The sooner you join our outpatient program, the faster you will be able to recover and heal. Postponing the treatment only means you will need inpatient care at some point, requiring more money, time, and effort to achieve your sobriety goals. Be smart and join the rehab program while the situation is still manageable with ease!

The benefits of early rehab are enormous:

  • Overcoming the withdrawal with fewer efforts and distress
  • Achieving fast and stable sobriety
  • Easier to prevent long-term relapse
  • Avoiding the physical and mental damages coming with prolonged addiction

If you’re ready to join our outpatient drug rehab in Arlington, TX, contact Ascendus Behavioral Health to discuss your case’s details today! You can verify your insurance, ask for in-depth information about our program, and make an appointment for immediate clinical assessment and treatment preparation.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Arlington TX

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Outpatient Drug Rehab Arlington TX

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