outpatient alcohol rehab in Fort Myers

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outpatient alcohol rehab in Fort Myers

Calusa Recovery invites you to join the best outpatient alcohol rehab in Fort Myers. If you need IOP treatment fast, our rehabilitation protocol should be your ideal choice. We operate under the highest quality and safety standards in the industry and ensure high rehab success rates. But who is outpatient rehab for, and do you qualify?

What is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab is a recovery treatment functioning as a step-down rehab protocol from inpatient/residential programs. It lasts between three to six months and offers a variety of therapies, experiential therapies, group meetings, and other procedures to promote sobriety and healing. Outpatient rehab is the program of choice for people dealing with mild addiction forms who don’t require intensive treatment and can take care of themselves.

It’s also the optimal option for individuals with social, educational, and career-related duties that they can’t postpone during treatment. With outpatient care, you can fulfill these obligations regularly while attending treatment.

Should you seek outpatient treatment?

If you’re dealing with alcohol addiction, our Fort Myers intensive outpatient rehab offers you the tools for a sober and successful lifestyle. The outpatient program comes with several benefits compared to inpatient treatments:

  • More affordable since there are no significant housing costs
  • A higher level of discretion (easier to hide the treatment since you won’t remain at our facility 24/7)
  • More freedom to fulfill your personal obligations
  • You can continue the recovery program at home, surrounded by family and loved ones
  • Remain socially active throughout the treatment, providing you with more self-confidence and determination
  • Join recovery communities during the program, finding and offering moral and spiritual support

Outpatient treatment is vital when it comes to addressing milder addiction forms that can degenerate fast. To prevent that, it is ideal to seek treatment as soon as you notice any withdrawal symptoms. Our clinicians and counselors will help you overcome addiction easier in a shorter time compared to more severe addiction levels.

What happens in outpatient treatment?

At our Fort Myers intensive outpatient program treatment centers, you will participate in a variety of therapies and specific activities to counter the effects of addiction, eliminate withdrawal, and prevent relapse. We have the best Fort Myers beach intensive outpatient program treatment relying on procedures and activities like:

  • Extended evaluations
  • Family therapy
  • Recreational activities (sailing, fishing, paintball, kayaking, sporting events, etc.)
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group activities and therapy
  • Relapse prevention education, etc.

The goal of our Fort Myers IOP is to help you realize your potential, discover new pleasures and hobbies in life, and adopt a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. At our center, you will learn to:

  • Overcome addiction and embrace sobriety long-term
  • Regain your lost confidence and determination
  • Become more socially active
  • Become a role model for others raging the same wars, etc.

At Calusa Recovery, we offer people the second chances they’ve never had. Contact us at 844-254-9664, and let’s discuss your insurance and treatment options! You can begin the outpatient alcohol rehab in Fort Myers today and quit addiction for a better and more fulfilling life.

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outpatient alcohol rehab in Fort Myers

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