Orange County Treatment Centers

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Orange County Treatment Centers

Orange County Treatment centers help those suffering from alcohol addiction gain control over their lives with powerful human-centered care. Safe Harbor counselors treat you with the dignity you deserve to get you the treatment you need in a comfortable and caring setting.

Where can I receive alcohol and drug abuse treatment that works?

Abuse is a major problem. Nearly 28 million Americans suffer from addiction. Of these, 14.4 million deal with the complications of using alcohol. Working treatment is a combination of therapeutic care and personal willpower.

Our comfortable residential setting in an Orange County mansion place you in control of your destiny. Tackle your demons and learn to control your triggers with the help of our professional staff.

Can substance abuse treatment help?

Substance abuse treatment in Orange County works better than allowing your abuse to take over your life. Brain issues, liver and kidney damage, and other complications such as diabetes are a consequence of use.

By dealing with your issues in a proven way, we help many learn to overcome their dependence. Recidivism in an appropriate care facility is less than 60 percent. The re-arrest rate for drug crimes is over 77 percent.

Residential treatment

A drug rehab center in Orange County offering residential support is often the best option for someone with a crutch. Our social circles, family, work, and general environment are often a leading reason for our issues.

Safe Harbor provides a large, gated facility for anyone looking to get on top of drug and alcohol related issues. Spacious rooms and around the clock care develop positive behavior that turns into successful lives daily.

How do I finance my rehabilitation?

The cost of rehabilitation should not be the largest barrier to treatment. In fact, the cost is lower than the total cost of abuse. Drugs and alcohol can cost over $1500 every year where a rehabilitation facility is a short term $10000 to $20000 expense.

Many parts of treatment are covered under Medicare and Medicaid. Detoxification and medications are routinely a part of your plan. Other forms of financing are available as well.

What is the damage from not attending rehabilitation?

Failing to attend rehab is not only costly but deadly. Substance abuse detox and treatment in Orange County starts you on the path to a healthy life.

We stop issues ranging from kidney failure and brain damage to diabetes. A wide range of issues is associated with abuse. Many of these issues such as depression are fatal.

Orange county treatment centers

Orange County treatment centers help patients get on the road to a healthy and productive life without the encumbrance of a dependence. We support patients through the entire process and seek to give them the facilities and care they need to succeed.

Alcohol and substance abuse is an epidemic in America. Our services help many start down the road to recovery. Get in touch with us today to find out how our staff will help you. Call 1-844-214-8384 today.


Orange County Treatment Centers

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