Medicated Assisted Treatment Florida

Article provided by: Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center

Medicated Assisted Treatment Florida

Alcohol use disorder and drug addiction affect people differently. This makes it crucial to go to the best rehab center in Florida that provides individualized treatment plans to achieve the finest results. At Florida Springs, our Medicated Assisted Treatment in Florida offers our guests increased flexibility in their care for a safer, more comfortable detox and successful recovery, increasing the likelihood of lifelong recovery. Our MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment) program will help ease your symptoms during detox and prevent unexpected episodes of PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms) that can manifest years after your initial drug detoxification.

5 Benefits of Medicated Assisted Treatment in FL

For the past couple of years, Florida addiction treatment centers have adopted new approaches in a bid to combat substance abuse. One impactful approach is medically assisted treatment. Together with therapy, MAT enables many people battling with addiction to experience lasting recovery. The following are advantages of enrolling in a luxury rehab center in Florida that offers MAT:

  1. Saves Lives in the Process of Recovery

While receiving treatment in an addiction and inpatient drug rehab, you can suffer from the harsh side effects of addiction like high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and seizures. Medications can regulate the symptoms that might develop during detox.

  1. Reduces Drug-Related Violence

Being under the influence of drugs increases your likelihood of getting involved in violent activities. MAT provides a stable, more effective, and healthier way to recover. Medicated assisted detox used in top rehab centers in FL considerably reduces the withdrawal symptoms that may result in violent crimes.

  1. Medicated Assisted Detox is Critical to Substance Abuse Treatment

Mat has shown to be highly effective in addiction recovery. When used together with other treatment modalities, it can help tackle the different aspects of substance abuse for the best results.

  1. Aids Pregnant Women Overcome Substance Abuse

Addiction treatment can tough, even more so when you’re pregnant. That said, getting help for an alcohol or drug addiction, especially when you’re pregnant, is crucial. Fortunately, medically assisted treatment protects an unborn baby from withdrawal symptoms while helping the mother-to-be overcome addiction as well as deliver safely.

  1. MAT Can Save a Life in Case of An Overdose

Regardless of the best efforts to quit using and live a drug-free life, you can slip back into your old back. This can, in some cases, cause a drug overdose. Over the past several years, police and emergency workers have used drugs like Narcan to reverse the effects of an overdose. Medication-assisted treatment with fast-acting and effective drugs such as Narcan can help stabilize you until you get the help you require.

Effective Medically Assisted Treatment

Suppose you’re looking to turn your life around for the better by removing the chemical dependency brought about by substance use. In that case, you can do so with our medicated assisted treatment in Florida which has higher success rates. Addiction to drugs is associated with painful and sometimes life-threatening withdrawals experienced during detoxification. This is where our medically assisted treatment can be a lifesaver and increase your chances of attaining and sustaining your recovery. Contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566.

Medicated Assisted Treatment Florida

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Medicated Assisted Treatment Florida

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