How To Safety Detox From Alcohol

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How To Safety Detox From Alcohol

If you’re searching for answers on how to safely detox from alcohol, you need to call our team today. Royal Life Centers is one of the preeminent addiction treatment centers with the finest medical detox programs. Our customized detox programs can help you break free from your addiction disorder and prepare you for a sober lifestyle over the years.

Dangers of detoxing at home

You must approach one of our alcohol detox treatment centers for alcohol detox. Attempting to detox alone can put your life at grave risk and cause side-effects like seizures, heart arrhythmias, kidney or liver dysfunction, etc.

Individuals recovering from more severe forms of addiction or long-term alcohol abuse problems shouldn’t take detox lightly as quitting cold-turkey can lead to fatal consequences. It is important to note that patients also experience intense cravings, hallucinations, depression, and other psychological symptoms, causing them to relapse soon into the self-detox procedure.

Do I need a detox program?

Self-detox is unreliable and potentially dangerous, which is why you need professional medical and psychiatric assistance to cope with the withdrawal and any potential co-occurring mental issues.

You must receive detox from drugs from a professional clinical team that can guide and support you through the detox process. The medications, psychotherapies, and counseling during and after the detox procedure can ease your symptoms and reduce your pain and discomfort during the withdrawal phase. You have a better chance at successful recovery by receiving medical detox at rehab with personalized help from a professional team.

Why alcohol detox is worth it

Considering the price you would pay for acquiring alcohol, losing your job, ruining your reputation, and deteriorating your health, medical detox is definitely worth it. The detox procedure is a sure-shot way to overcome your behavioral disorders as it prepares you for a long-term commitment to sobriety.

Detox eliminates the toxins from your body, restores the chemical imbalances in your brain, and reduces the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms. It will also prepare your mind, body, and soul for full-fledged substance addiction treatment and optimize your chances of achieving sustainable sobriety. 

Our medical detox process

We customize our detox program to accommodate each patient’s unique needs. Our personalized alcohol detox process involves three stages:

  1. Evaluation – We screen all our incoming patients for physical and mental health issues using blood and lab tests, allowing us to measure the amount of alcohol in their system. We also conduct a comprehensive review of our patients’ drug, medical, and psychiatric histories and plan the medication treatment based on the severity of alcohol and drug dependency condition.
  2. Stabilization – Our clinical team stabilizes our patients with medications, counseling, and psychotherapies. The goal is to prevent relapse and reduce the withdrawal’s severity during the recovery phase.
  3. Entry into treatment – A team of doctors familiarizes the patients with the treatment process and what to expect during rehab. We follow up detox with alcohol abuse disorder treatment to optimize your chances of a successful recovery and promote sobriety and healthy living over the years.

Act now to get started on a liberating journey towards sobriety. Call 877-recovery/877-732-6837 to learn how to safely detox from alcohol. Royal Life Centers is one of the pioneer rehab treatment programs with the lowest relapse rates and highly effective detox therapies. 

How To Safety Detox From Alcohol

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