Group Therapy Louisville

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Group Therapy Louisville

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is possible if the proper steps to recovery are taken. Among those steps, of course, is getting professional help with a therapy method that can take patients through a detoxification and recovery process that can be sustained over time.

If you are looking for addiction therapy in Louisville, our group therapy program is one of your best options. This type of addiction therapy is one of the most evidence and studies that show its success. 

Group addiction treatment has the most empirical evidence. Numerous research studies demonstrate the effectiveness of group therapy. This therapy is more successful than individual therapy in the recovery of addicted patients. In addition, the effectiveness of treatment is multiplied when delivered by recovered addiction therapists.

Group psychotherapy is the encounter with others. It leads to reflect on oneself, with one’s family, with the social. It is to relive with others the feeling, thinking, and doing; three key instances of life.

Patients seeking counseling to overcome addictions in Louisville, KY, know that treatment is helpful because it reduces the tendency to give up and allows insight through the process of peer identification. It, therefore, focuses on the here-and-now situation. It demonstrates that other types of behavior are possible. Also, it helps to counteract social influence. Finally, it optimizes the therapist’s time and provides the universality of the loss of control with drugs; the group exerts external control. The group can also have a very favorable effect in acquiring the commitment to follow the treatment. 

We have become one of the leading centers for addiction counseling in Louisville during our years of experience. And we owe much of that to our group therapy and rehabilitation program, which has maintained favorable results in terms of recovered patients and relapse rates. 

Here are the six main benefits of our adult groups counseling in the Louisville program:

The patient understands his or her recovery process through similar cases

In most addiction disorders, the support of family or friends is indispensable. In these sessions, they can find similar cases and where the participant will realize how other people have faced their case, the consequences and progress they have had, learn together and create a strong sense of belonging to a place.

Promotes the socialization of patients

In the session, you can express all your concerns, doubts, or points of view, and the coexistence should ensure that it is of total respect so that the catharsis to your problem can be carried out.

The recovery process is based on external causes

The courage and encouragement to achieve rehabilitation are recovered through external cases, and when an attendee is reflected in another who has achieved rehabilitation or is closer to it, the newer attendees can see that it is possible to advance and improve the quality of life and mental health.

The group as a catalyst for change

The therapeutic communities guided by our therapists in Louisville, KY, have as their main objective the overall change of the individual’s lifestyle. The change component is the group, which facilitates the learning of behaviors through adaptive modeling, skills training, and contingency management.

Better results

51.67% of patients who undergo group therapy achieve abstinence after two years, compared to 19% of patients who do not undergo group therapy.

Lower relapse rates

80% of patients receiving group therapy maintain long-term abstinence, compared to 20% of abstinent patients without group therapy.

If you need more information about adult therapists near you in Louisville, contact Solutions Counseling Center to learn more: 502-384-2100.

Group Therapy Louisville

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