drug treatment Des Moines

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drug treatment Des Moines

Finding the right Des Moines IA drug and alcohol treatment center to help you or a loved one reach recovery is difficult. There are a lot of facilities out there offering a range of treatments. But do you know which facility is going to be the best fit for you? There’s a good chance St. Gregory Recovery Center has what you’re looking for.

At St. Gregory Recovery Center, we have highly experienced board-certified nurses, doctors, addiction counselors, and medical psychiatrists who offer high-quality care. Our goal is to provide the best addiction treatments in Iowa. We are here to guide you during the course of your treatment and beyond. 

Why Choose US?

Supportive Community

You are never alone while in our facility. You can always find a friendly and knowledgeable member of our staff to turn to for support during your recovery. We encourage this kind of environment because we feel that you can benefit significantly from having ongoing support from your peers and our support staff. We hope you will be better able to strive and achieve your recovery goals while in our supportive community.

Sophisticated Care

To complement the supportive community, our Des Moines rehab center features effective and personalized treatment designed to bring about lasting recovery for your substance abuse and addiction. We have trained professionals in our facility, and your health will be continually monitored and protected. We will provide time-tested therapeutic supports that can help you understand yourself and your addiction.

Family Support

We are pleased to offer family support services for those close to you since we know that your addiction to alcohol or drugs has likely affected you and your loved ones’ lives. Our family support program helps your loved ones know and understand the chemical dependency of substance abuse and provides them with the right information they need to heal from the hurt. This program allows you and your loved ones to communicate effectively, develop healthier bonds, and learn how to help one another as you recover from your addiction.

Aftercare Planning

Our staff will work closely with you to develop a well-rounded aftercare plan to help you maintain your progress after leaving our treatment center. We do this so that you can uphold your pledge to your recovery and refrain from substance abuse in the long-term. Our aftercare program allows you to remain connected with our recovery community and help you continue making progress in your sober journey.

Get Treatment at St. Gregory Recovery Center 

If you or someone you loved is seeking addiction treatment, the team at St. Gregory Recovery Center can help you. Our staff is always willing to support during this process and guide you to reach your recovery goals. Contact us at 888-778-5833 to learn more about our program, treatments, and facility in Iowa. Our team of addiction specialists will be happy to assist you and provide you with the resources required to start recovery.

drug treatment Des Moines

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