depression treatment san Diego

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depression treatment san Diego

Depression is a serious and very common mental illness in adults. Depression changes one’s perspective about things and makes them take a negative approach towards most things in like. The way you act, socialize, or view things, is severely negatively affected in individuals who have this illness. Depression is termed as the leading cause of disability worldwide by the World Health Organization, and an astonishing number of around 264 million people are estimated to suffer from depression Worldwide. Fortunately, depression is treatable, and there are quite a few treatment methods that help to treat depression in individuals.

One highly successful method of treatment for depression is REBT- Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, coupled with a holistic treatment approach.

Here’s why:

REBT was developed in the 1950s, it is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and is popularly and successfully used even today. What makes REBT unique is the different approach it takes towards the commencement of the symptoms of depression. While other events focus on the symptoms of depression and how to treat them, this rational emotive behavior therapy focuses on the rationing process that one takes towards events. In the case of depression, this therapy focuses on investigating why the event was viewed negatively by the patient, and then works on how to correct the mechanism by enforcing positive thoughts for the same event. This results in a positive emotional response to the event rather than a negative one. It is a steady process of treatment for individuals, the duration of which varies from individual to individual.

Why combining REBT with a holistic approach is very successful for treating depression?

REBT is a successful, short-term treatment procedure for depression, that helps get rid of depression for good. Since REBT directly focuses on the thought process of the individual rather than the symptoms they show, after proper counseling and treatment, it completely nips depression’s root in the bud. Since it creates an accepting and positive behavior in the individual and makes the individual see the world through a positive and rational lens, due to which they no longer show the negative emotional response that they previously showed to a normal event. Such as extreme sadness and suicidal behavior over a minor argument with their friend. Using this successful REBT treatment along with a holistic approach that takes into account the behavioral, emotional, and environmental factors of the individual can lead to a perfect form of treatment that helps the individual get rid of depression forever, and teach them positive coping mechanism.

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depression treatment san Diego

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