Dbt Treatment Austin

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Dbt Treatment Austin

Addiction is manifested by a compulsive drug or alcohol use regardless of the harmful consequences. People with severe substance use disorder have an uncontrollable focus to keep using drugs or alcohol to the extent that it takes over their life. Its effects on a person’s life are dire, making it vital to address the addiction comprehensively. Addiction treatment requires an individualized and comprehensive approach to get to the root cause of the substance use disorder. Effective treatment will also help you deal with the consequences of substance abuse. One of the most notable treatment is DBT. At Sage Recovery and Wellness, we offer top of the line DBT treatment in Austin. 

5 Reasons to Choose Us for DBT Addiction Treatment

 Addiction treatment involves combining various treatment approaches to help you learn the coping skills needed to live a substance-free life. Behavioral therapy is often combined with medication and holistic therapy to achieve successful results. As part of the behavioral therapy, we offer the leading Austin DBT treatment. 

This treatment approach is designed to help you learn new skills to deal with painful memory and emotions. It’s an effective treatment in dealing with the underlying cause of the addiction. DBT also aids you in decreasing conflict in the relationships that have been affected by the substance use disorder. Here’s why you should choose us for DBT treatment, including:

  1. Qualified Physicians

You need to have knowledgeable, extensively trained, and experienced physicians when going through addiction treatment programs. We have employed the best in the field to walk with you as you start your sobriety journey.

  1. We Use DBT to Treat Co-Occurring Disorders

You’ll sit with our top Austin dialectical behavioral therapist for various sessions to get therapy that deals with most issues that drive the addiction. The sessions will increase your motivation to change various aspects of behavior and thinking. Our therapist will also give you tools to regulate emotions and equip you with skills to cope with stress, and balance demands and priorities.

  1. We’ll Help You Build a Strong Support System

Overcoming addiction is mostly possible when you have a support network. Through DBT and other forms of therapy treatment offered at our leading rehab center, you’ll learn ways of developing valuable relationships that will act as a support system as you recover. In this regard, our Austin DBT therapy is unmatched.  

  1. Amenities

It’s essential to have a safe, secure, and serene environment when going through your DBT therapy sessions. We have made our facilities a safe haven for you and fully equipped it with the amenities you’ll need during your stay with us. Our intimate setting, combined with our secluded and comfortable environment with luxury accommodations, are designed with your comfort and well-being in mind, making us the best DBT in Austin TX facility.    

  1. Quality and Personalized Care

We only have about 15 clients at a time per program. Having this small number of clients allows our team to provide individualized care and second to none addiction treatment.

Contact Us for The Best DBT Treatment

When you go through our premier DBT treatment in Austin, you will develop good communication skills, self-confidence, and other vital skills, needed to cope with everyday struggles during recovery. Contact Sage Recovery and Wellness to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance on (512) 306-1394.

Dbt Treatment Austin

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