Christian Based Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

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Christian Based Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Have you considered choosing a Christian based drug rehab in Los Angeles for addiction treatment? Some recovery specialists say that faith-based treatment is the most effective process for finding lasting recovery, but it’s not for everyone. We’d love the opportunity to answer your questions at New Day Rehab Center when you’re looking at recovery options. Feel free to contact our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab with any inquiries; reach us at 877-734-2244 or through our live chat website widget.

5 Reasons Why Christian Based Drug Rehab is the Best Form of Drug Rehab Possible

1. Recovering addicts who are offered a Christian-based treatment plan report an increase in hopefulness compared with those in programs that don’t nurture spirituality. If you or someone close to you have lost hope of finding a lasting path to sobriety, you’ll find hope at New Day Rehab Center through our program. You’ll find free resources and information on our site that will explain the numerous benefits of choosing our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab. Addiction is highly treatable with the right program- never lose hope!

2. Faith-based programs are not just an excellent choice as an addiction treatment for Christians- non-believers are drawn to faith-based programs, as well. Knowing that God can help you through the times when you feel powerless can be life-changing. Turn your addiction over to His strength and just watch what He can do in your life.

3. Faith-based programs like the 12 steps have proven their effectiveness in treating addiction. You have only to look at the history of recovery to understand that even at its very beginnings, Christian ethics were infused into every aspect of the recovery process- with exceptional results. Nothing is as effective as a program offered by a Christ-centered drug rehab; spiritual rehab programs at New Day Rehab Center can help you find your road to recovery.

4. One of the greatest forms of evidence that Christian drug rehab centers are achieving successful results is that faith-based programs often work when nothing else has proven effective. At New Day Rehab Center, we treat patients who have been through rehab numerous times without experiencing lasting success. Faith-based treatment is one of the most powerful relapse prevention protocols, and is available through our treatment center.

5. You may have found that on your own, you are powerless to stop abusing alcohol or using drugs. Addiction is powerful, but God is more powerful. Once you partner with God, his strength becomes yours, as well, and you’ll have new tools for the battle against addiction.

Get in touch with our admissions staff at New Day Rehab Center to learn more about our Christian based drug rehab in Los Angeles and how we can help you turn your life around once and for all. No matter how many times you’ve tried a recovery program in the past or failed to complete treatment, there’s hope for a brighter future through our faith-based program. Call or connect with us today to take the first step on the journey of a lifetime.

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