Alcohol rehabilitation

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Alcohol rehabilitation

Royal Life Centers ranks among the finest rehab facilities, providing a safe and comfortable recovery setting to all addiction victims struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. If you need alcohol rehabilitation but have no idea what to expect during the rehab process, here’s how it works:

In-depth clinical assessment and intake

Our experts will assess your physical and mental health status upon arriving at our addiction treatment center to craft a patient-oriented recovery program asap. They will use their expertise to identify potential co-occurring disorders, assess your withdrawal’s severity, and gather data about your addiction and overall medical history. The more information they collect, the sooner they will be able to create a customized detox and recovery protocol for safe and fast recovery.

Medical detox

The detox procedure begins soon after completing the intake procedure. It is a vital medical treatment for coping with the withdrawal, resetting the nervous system, and rebalancing your brain’s chemical functioning. The entire process can last several days up to two weeks, depending on your addiction’s type and severity, as well as your progress and response to treatment.

Our professionals will supervise the process and tweak the treatment if necessary to ensure healthy continuity throughout.

Residential treatment

You will join the residential/inpatient treatment immediately after completing the detox process. Our best addiction treatment near me offers comfortable and safe inpatient care in a welcoming environment for smooth and reliable recovery. All our guests have access to chef-prepared meals daily, personal TVs in their modern bedrooms, Xbox game systems, and access to a multitude of recovery programs and therapies.

These include anger management courses, emotional health, behavioral therapies, individual and group counseling and therapy, recreational therapies, etc. The inpatient program’s duration varies between 30 to 90 days, depending on your medical needs and overall progress.

Outpatient program

The outpatient program follows the residential treatment in terms of treatment intensity, relying on therapy, guidance, and personal development support to help patients rebuild their lives. Our drug treatment centers promote consistent recovery efforts and long-term sobriety via peer support and social reintegration education. The outpatient addiction rehab process consists of several hours of treatment per day for five days weekly. This helps patients fight their addictions and recover gradually at home, in the company of their families and loved ones.

The outpatient program is also the ideal choice if you can’t afford inpatient care or have social or professional obligations that you can’t postpone.

Sober living

Our sober living addiction treatment program acts as an extension for individuals who have completed all forms of rehab treatment. These individuals can’t return home too early since their family environments are toxic and trigger-filled. Our sober living program allows our guests to live in a secure and welcoming recovery environment for as long as necessary to cultivate their trust, confidence, and social skills.

Call Royal Life Centers at 877-732-6837 and ask for information about our addiction rehab centers. You can join our alcohol rehabilitation asap if you wish to quit your addiction for good and start a new life today.

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